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Welcome to the Coffee Competence Center

Coffee - "the natural energizer", "a high level stimulant", "the magic potion", "indispensable element of many cultures". No matter which epithet is used to discribe this old plant and its usage, the bottom line is the love for coffee. Some of us know this love for coffee as passion. The Coffee Competence Center is committet to this passion and introduces the plant itself, its cultivation, its converting, its usage and its uncomparable enjoyment.

Heinz Fischer, Bundespräsident und Kaffee-Liebhaber

In Begleitung von Bundesminister Rudolf Hundstorfer kommt das Staatsoberhaupt in das Österreichische Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftsmuseum. Da versteht es sich von selbst, auch das im Haus befindliche Kaffee Kompetenz Zentrum samt Kaffeemuseum zu besuchen.

Kurator Edmund Mayr führt die Gäste mit gewohnter Leidenschaft durch die Sammlung unzähliger Kaffee-Exponate aus mehreren Jahrhunderten und vielerlei Kulturkreisen ... zum Bericht

Goals of the Coffee Competence Center

"Each coffee is unique, a work of art", says coffee-Guru Edmund Mayr. "Considering all parameters it's possible to make 343 billions of coffee", he winkingly adds. What do I have to know about coffee, its production and making? And how can I put this magic in a cup. Around 160.000 books and scientific essays tried to answer that simple question. We came to the point that only the practical experience can give a sensible answer. Therefore the Coffee Competence Center is a training center on the highest practical level. We train gastronomes, students, Baristas as well as private coffee-lovers. Our workshops are tailored for each specific interest and goal.

Each bean an enjoyment
The roasting process
Espresso with crema

For the gastronome the Coffee Competence Center is the place to go to get the latest news about technical devices, the cleaning or advices for investments. Students of recognized viennese HoReCa-Schools learn the coffee-basics there. And Baristas can receive their SCAE-certificates. Private coffee-lovers enjoy the biggest exhibition related to coffee-stuff world wide. It shows the chain from the fields into the cup.

SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association Europe)

Recognition and certification

The educational offers of the Coffee Competence Center are recognized by the viennese schools inspector and the chamber of commerce - chapter coffeeshops and gastronomy. The education and certification to become a coffee-expert is in accordance to the guidelines of the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association Europe) .

E. Mayr's Wiener Kaffee Kultur - Kaffee-Seminar bestehend aus Buch und DVD

Kompaktes Wissen für jeden Kaffeefreund

Das erste Seminar für den 'Barista' in den eigenen vier Wänden als Handbuch und DVD! Präsentiert von Edmund Mayr, einem der weltweit erfahrensten Barista-Ausbilder, Kurator des "Kaffee Kompetenz Zentrum" sowie Gründer und Eigentümer des "Wiener Kaffeemuseum".

Zur Infoseite zu E. Mayr's Wiener Kaffee Kultur oder gleich bestellen (amazon.de)

With passion for coffee

Owner Edmund Mayr is responsible for the national - as well the international - success of the Coffee Competence Center. He is somehow another piece of his collection and unites the positons of the owner, collector, lecturer and trainer. But above all Edmund Mayr is a real coffee-aficionado. "It is more than a simple stimulant", tells Edmund Mayr. "It's a first grade cultural asset. And I committed myself to keep this culture." He proved that in several practical experiences. In over 50 years of working with coffee he trained around 100.000 persons and was in charge of more than 20.000 different coffee-machines.

Edmund Mayr
Foto: © Harald Minnich, Verlag Dr. A. Schendl