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Welcome to the coffee-museum

"A first grade cultural asset needs attention", says curator Edmund Mayr about coffee and refers to the collection of the coffee-museum.

Freschly roasted coffee - ready to enjoy.

History of the coffee-museum

Edmund Mayr founded the coffee-museum in 2003 as part of the Austrian Museum for Society and Economy. Most of the exhibits are the private property of Edmund Mayr. This treasure in the Vogelsanggasse looks back on 50 years of passion and patience of his collector. Edmund Mayr is now able to cover nearly every item which is related to coffee.

The collection

Take a walk in the showrooms, through espresso-machines, grinders and exotic accessories of all centuries and cultures.

Precious coffee-china


The coffeebean - crude and roasted
© Harald Minnich, Verlag Dr. A. Schendl

Don't hesitate to ask Edmund Mayr to guide you through his museum and enjoy his special way to introduce the world of coffee. Your knewly gathered knowledge will help you to make yourself the best coffee you had so far.

New exhibits, exchange and sale

Every collector knows: collecting is a neverending story. But probably this is the most beautiful thing concerning this hobby. If you want to participate in this collection, if you like to exchange coffee related items, don't hesitate to contact Edmund Mayr.

Sponsorship for exhibits

For sure the budget of the museum has got a certain limit. For extraordinary exhibits it's sometimes necessary to invest a lot. You can support this collection with your own sponsorship for the purchase or the restauration of precious pieces. Curator Edmund Mayr would like to inform you about possibility and current plans.

The art of the coffeemachine producers I
© Harald Minnich, Verlag Dr. A. Schendl
The art of the coffeemachine producers II

The art of the coffeemachine producers III
© Harald Minnich, Verlag Dr. A. Schendl

Special exhibition

The museum features also special shows. They change periodically between international topics, background knowledge about coffee or present an up-to-date main focus. Inform yourself here.


The coffee-museum with its extraordinary ambiance is an attractive place for events. Among the brightness of these ancient exhibits concerts take place as well as readings, product-presentations and seminars.

Ethiopian coffeeceremony within the bookpresentation 'Der Duft des Kaffees' (Gerhard J. Rekel)

Inform yourself here about current and planned events. If you would like to organize an event by yourself in the coffee-museum, please contact Edmund Mayr personally.